Difficult to comprehend



It is difficult to comprehend the point or purpose of John Nielson’s letter (PM 17/10).

His statements about diet are unscientific: man is anatomically and physiologically suited to a vegetarian diet. It is nonsense to claim that he needed meat to supply energy for the brain since the brain runs on glucose which is very poorly provided by meat.

Meat today is a far cry from the meat that hunters and gatherers would have eaten and is now full of antibiotics and hormones plus the toxins resulting from the bestial methods of slaughter. This is not to mention the terrible conditions in which much of our livestock is kept in.

I have no idea what Mr. Nielson means when he asks to be left alone. Nobody is attacking him. Does he want to muzzle anyone who quotes data on vegetarianism?

In the last analysis it’s vegetarians who have to put up with the ubiquitous meat in shops and restaurants. Even in Thailand it is not easy to find a good vegetarian meal despite the fact that the religion forbids the killing of animals. Oh, I forgot; this is done by Christians or Muslims.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Nightingale