Businesses blocking off parking



Re: 3 years after promised changes, blocking parking spaces still common (PM Friday, 18 October 2013) – Businesses blocking off the parking is not as much of a problem as people who have taken over parking spots to store their merchandise, to sleep, etc., without concern for the public.

In front of Pizza Co., Beach Road (Royal Garden), a group of vendors have a van parked that they use to store their merchandise that they sell on the street. They also took over all the motorcycle parking in front of Pizza Co., so they have a place to rest while customers walk by their goods for sale. I have been here more than 10 years – and only three times has that van been moved. Once because royalty was coming, and the other two due to huge street closures for events.

And if you still want to talk about parking issues, why doesn’t anyone mention all the motorcycle rental operations that have crippled the parking in Pattaya? Try parking on Soi Post Office, anywhere between the post office and Beach Road. There is little or no parking because of the motorcycle vendors.

Before casting a stone at the businesses who have legitimately leased or purchased a place to transact business, and only want to make space for their customers, gather your rocks and aim them at the inconsiderate people who have taken over public property to sell their wares … people who pay nothing to the city and contribute nothing in taxes.

Daniel Tibo