Deep freezes


Dear Editor,

Can anyone explain the logic to me of all supermarts in Pattaya and Jomtien keeping their in store temperatures artificially low? I’m talking below 10 degrees Celsius here; apart from the long term health factors involved to staff and customers, it must take a big chunk out of their profits as well. I can only make the analogy of what it feels like: it’s like coming out of a sauna (the open air here) and being rolled, near naked, in the snow, like they do in Finland or Sweden. As an elderly, arthritic man, I now have to wear extra clothing before I go into my local 7-11 or Tesco Express; this after waking up in the middle of the night with my whole body feeling inflamed.

I’d also like to know, in this age of increasing globalisation, why you can only buy margarine-like spread in small thick plastic tubs (unless you can access a major Tesco Lotus store and search for a pack of ‘Everyday Value’ spread); and Red Bull-type power drinks are sold in heavy glass bottles; both these packaging’s are a waste of valuable resources and can’t be good for the environment.

Philip Fletcher,