Bonnie and Clyde were bank robbers



Re: Clyde Barrow drove a 1934 Ford (PM Friday, 18 March 2016) – Clyde Barrows of Bonnie and Clyde were bank robbers of the 30s in the states. My reference to the flat head ford V8 was a response to the article about the classic car show held in Pattaya.

I don’t have a clue what other countries called the Ford flat head V8 motor. But over the years I raced them in 1/2 mile stock car racing.

Your description of doing a valve job on the motor is spot on, as it was a handful with the cam and valves located in the block above the crank shaft. As there were no valves or rocker arms in the head the heads were just flat with spark plug holes and water jackets for cooling.

In the 40s and 50s with so many folks using that motor many aftermarket speed parts were available, including Arden heads that converted the motor to an overhead motor.

You may find more details here: < _engine >


Dean Giliard