Another side to this story



Re: Tourist coach lawbreakers (PM Mailbag Monday, 11 April 2016) – Soi 1 would be the most inane soi in Pattaya. The only way the offending vehicle could have entered the soi was to be on 2nd Road and approaching the roundabout. If he continued on he had the opportunity to carry on to Naklua or Nua. Rather than that he opted to enter the soi illegally. Now he has no option than to turn left onto Beach Road & start the maneuver again.

There is no way you can enter this soi and travel the correct way without coming in contact with the roundabout.

It may be to your advantage if you live in this soi. There may be another side to this story. Have you never in your driving career entered a 1 way street? You have 2 choices, risk an accident by reversing into traffic or biting the bullet & carry on. I believe it is against the law to reverse a bus without proper guidance. It would be an advantage to change the direction of Soi 1 thus relieving some confusion at the roundabout.

Bryan O’Shea