And then there was no mayor



Usually in politics an elected official does not leave office until there are elections and a new politician is chosen to replace the former. But here in Pattaya, the highest elected office of mayor is now vacant since June because former Mayor Itthiphol left office with no elections to replace him after his term expired. An interim mayor, consisting of a panel of officials, is in place until elections are held, but nobody seems to know when this will be.

This does not seem to be a democracy when a leader is selected but is not elected, and elections are bypassed.

If memory serves correct, the mayor of 1 term before Khun Itthiphol planned to run for a second term, but suddenly backed out of the election stating that the much younger Itthiphol ‘had more experience with international relations’. Who pulled the strings on that one, and who has the power to let an incumbent mayor leave office with no elected successor?

Has anyone got the answers to this?

Humbly submitted by –

Sir William of Doodadshire

Ed’s reply: Thank you for your concern; however, Pattaya is not alone in this regard.  Under NCPO rule, no elections are allowed anywhere in the nation until general elections begin again next year when the new constitution is fully ratified.  For more information about the Pattaya’s elected officials, please go here: