Ukraine embassy asks for donations to assist their nationals stranded in Thailand


The Bangkok-based Ukrainian embassy has posted a Facebook request for donations in the light of the Russian invasion. The Bangkok Bank account numbers are 911-3-00456-9 and 911-0-20757-9 for online transactions.

The cash will be used initially to assist Ukrainian nationals stranded in Thailand because air space over their country has been closed to passenger traffic. Money transfers and use of credit cards have been badly dislocated by the hostilities which began after Russian troops attacked on several fronts on February 24.

Russian tourists still in Thailand are also experiencing serious cash flow problems as many countries have already excluded Russian banks from the SWIFT international system. This means that their electronic cards will not work and that online transfers fail. Russian planes are already banned from the airspace of many countries although Bangkok-Moscow flights are still available.

Ukrainian national Maryia Boudarenko, who was on holiday in Pattaya when the invasion began, told Pattaya Mail, “I could not return to Ukraine last week as I was positive in my pre-departure PCR test. Currently I am in a Pattaya hotel which is allowing me to stay without charge. The Ukrainian embassy is trying to arrange with the immigration bureau to allow our nationals to stay beyond their visa end date. The situation in my country is just too terrible to describe.”