The Riviera Group distributes food to needy communities in Pattaya

Sukanya Gale gives a bag of food and supplies to a physically challenged man in one of the low-income communities.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the unbearable economic hardship it causes, are causing tremendous suffering both mentally and physically to millions of people in Thailand.

A mother and her children are given food supplies for their family.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs and have absolutely no income to care for their families. Throughout last year and into this year, many benevolent organisations in the public and private sectors have reached out to help as many needy people as they possibly could.

A young girl gratefully receives a bag of dried food.

One of these benevolent private organisations is The Riviera Group who have regularly organised food distribution missions to help alleviate the plight of the impoverished people living in the Pattaya communities.

This toddler insisted on carrying the heavy bag of food herself.

On May 12, Sukanya Gale, Project Director of the Riviera Group, her management team and staff from their six projects in Pattaya departed from the Riviera Monaco in a convoy bearing 600 sets of dried food and necessities. They headed for low-income communities and construction labourers’ camps, where they distributed the much-needed supplies to the residents and their children.

The people of this shanty community were thankful for the food supplies that they received.
Sukanya Gale and her team pose for a group photograph before walking around the community handing out food and relief bags.

Staff and family members of The Riviera Group help to pack 600 bags of food and necessities in preparation for their humanitarian mission.
The Riviera Group charity food mission leaves from the Riviera Monaco offices.