Thai Navy resumes triathlon series in Sattahip

Admiral Luechai Rutdit, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy, declares the Navy Triathlon Games open amid the sounds of exploding fireworks and blaring air horns.

The Royal Thai Navy resumed a series of triathlons that had been suspended during Thailand’s coronavirus lockdown.

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Now in its second year, the series of five races continued Aug. 22 at Marine Corps headquarters on Toey Ngam Beach in Sattahip, 30 km south of Pattaya.

And they’re off.

This year the competition was called Navy Triathlon Season 2 Competition 4, code-named “Royal Thai Navy honors the Great Queen forever.”

About 300 people participated in the event, which included four different competitions.

Navy warriors compete in the full iron man, swimming 3.8 kilometers, cycling 180 km and running 42 km.

The Olympic Triathlon bracket covers 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running.

The duathlon has athletes swim for 5 km, cycle for 40 km and then run another 10 km.
Finally, the lowest tier is a 0.75-km swim, 20-km bike race and 5-km run.

The winner of each race earns cash prizes, and the total scores from all five races will crown the winners.

Royal Thai Navy cannons are fired to get the triathlon off with loud bangs.


Foreign athletes were also invited to participate in the Navy Triathlon.


An athlete gets ready to shoot off into the sea.

Two Thai Royal Thai Marines amphibious vehicles escort the athletes into the sea.

Athletes wade into the sea to begin their grueling race.