Rotary E-Club Dolphin Pattaya International supports community vocational projects

President Chanunda Kongphol visit the Hypsizygus marmoreus mushroom cultivation farm.

Rotary is an international service organization with more than 35,000 clubs all over the world. Members of each and every club are anxious to go into their communities to extend any assistance that is needed for the betterment of their lives. Some of the main concerns for Rotarians are basic education, literacy, economic and community development which are just a few of the many areas of focus.

On May 10, President Chanunda Kongphol of the Rotary E-Club Dolphin Pattaya International together with her members went to the Soi Korphai community to meet with the residents and learn about the “Mother of the Land Fund to Fight Drug Abuse” and to observe the many cottage industries that this community is so well-known for.

Wirat Joyjinda, Chairman of Soi Korpai Community together with Secretary Kanthanna Phonchai took the visitors on a tour of their small community where just about every household is involved in one vocational activity or another.

The women are known for making intricate gift ribbons and hand-made garlands, beautifully packaged coins for alms giving and even producing their own dishwashing and other liquid solutions.

Women of the Korpai community show their skills at making gift decorating ribbons for sale.

What they are most proud of is the cultivation of Hypsizygus marmoreus (Peck) Bigelow farm and the grey oyster mushroom farm.

The Rotarians showed profound interest in the projects because they fit in perfectly with Rotary’s programs to help the economic development of the community.

During the visit, President Chanunda Kongphol and her members donated 75 kgs of rice divided into 5 kgs per bag, including dried food and 450 eggs. Chanunda promised to come back with more supplies the next time.

The Rotarians hand out eggs to the two children.

Rotarians and Korphai residents pose behind a table laden with dried food and eggs for distribution to the community.