Rotary Club of Dolphin Pattaya provides food for the needy

President Chanunda Kongphol of the Rotary Club of Dolphin Pattaya International takes the lead in distributing food and water to the thousands of anxious people at the Bali Hai Pier.

With Covid-19 infections surpassing 20,000 cases a day in Thailand, the deadly pandemic has become extremely volatile.

The hope of Pattaya businesses to open again and people yearning to get employment soon is fading by the minute. The continuous suffering of the people affected by the economic and health disaster continues unabated.

The breadline is getting longer and longer as destitute people are practically forced to wait for hours on end in the hot sun to receive food donations and survival bags to take home to their hungry families.

Humanity is still very fortunate, though, as countless businesses, organisations, and benevolent individuals continue to help the needy and the impoverished in Pattaya.

On August 1-2, members of the Rotary Club of Dolphin Pattaya International, led by President Chanunda Kongphol, CP Dr. Otmar Deter and PP Dr. Margret Deter, brought a pickup load of food boxes and water to be distributed to the needy at the sprawling grounds of the Bali Hai Pier.

Charter President Dr. Otmar Deter – the strength and staunch supporter of humanitarian missions of the Rotary Club of Dolphin Pattaya International.

With the kind support of Friends of Sand Bar and Easy World, the Rotarians distributed their share of 800 food boxes over two days to the thousands of people gathered in the heat and dust.

The Rotarians, assisted by city volunteers, pushed food-laden trolleys along the rows of people handing out bags of food and amenities.

President Chanunda said, “Rotary’s guiding principles are to serve and help the needy and downtrodden. To accomplish our aims and objectives we initiate and implement many humanitarian projects for children and adults.

“With the scourge of Covid-19 destroying the lives of families and communities all over the world, our immediate concern is to give men, women and children food and nourishment so they can survive this crisis.

“Our Rotary club asks for donations from establishments and individual people, so we have enough funds to continue to buy and distribute food to the poor.”

President Chanunda invited the general public to join and support Rotarians in “Doing good in the world” saying, “Our next humanitarian mission to bring food to the poor will be in Sattahip district this week.”

Past President Dr. Margret Deter ever willing to help all those in need.

This boy accepts a bag of food from President Chanunda, looking determined to survive through this ordeal.

President Chanunda Kongphol (centre), PP Dr. Margret (left) and CP Dr. Otmar Deter on their humanitarian mission to distribute food packages to the needy waiting patiently on the grounds of the Bali Hai Pier.