Pattaya’s Soi 6 entertainment street back to pre-Covid normal

Tourists and residents are given a warm welcome as Pattaya’s Soi 6 day & nightlife has been resurrected after years of dormancy during the pandemic.

It appears to be business as usual on Pattaya’s favorite entertainment street.

Soi 6, a once-private street filled from end to end with bars and traditional massage parlors, is once again thriving with working girls, food, trinkets and clothes vendors earning a living from the vibrant nightlife.

Asian and European tourists flock to the street starting in the early afternoon, some just enjoying a drink or two, while some go upstairs for a relaxing massage.

One beauty salon worker identified only as “May” said her revenue is up, as the bargirls come in many times during the day and night for their makeup and hairstyling.

Beauty salons are kept busy day and night catering to nightlife employees in the entertainment business.