Pattaya wildlife noodle shop reopens with higher prices, fewer customers

Khru Sangkaew Restaurant owner Weena Sangkaew (left) reopened with larger portions and higher prices.

A popular South Pattaya noodle shop has reopened with larger portions and higher prices.

Khru Sangkaew Restaurant on Soi Khopai 4/7 near Soi Khopai 4/7 reopened its doors after closing for renovations during the recent coronavirus shutdown.

Owner Weena Sangkaew said the restaurant became popular by serving noodle soups with wild animal meat from the wet markets much criticized as contributing to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to using meat from quail, frogs and mackerel, she also adds chunks of barking deer and shark to some dishes.

Co-owner Nikom Sangkaew said the restaurant had lost half of its customers over the past year, as most of the guests were hotel and bar workers who left town after being laid off.

Dishes used to cost as little as 30 baht, but now with fewer customers, he has raised minimum prices to 40-60 baht. However, Nikom said, he made the portions bigger.

Fish noodle at 40 baht.


Regular customers like the big portions.