Pattaya Super Girls and Super Kids feed 6 hungry elephants

Praichit Jetapai and the Super Kids feed pineapple shoots to an elephant at the camp in Na Jomtien.

For the past two years the Covid-10 pandemic has not only inflicted extreme hardships for businesses and the working people of Pattaya, but has also severely harmed the livelihoods of elephants and their handlers who depend wholly on income from domestic and foreign visitors to their camps.

To help bring some relief for the suffering human families and beasts, Praichit Jetapai recently led a team from the Pattaya Super Girls and Super Kids Groups to visit an elephant camp in the Na Jomtien area to give food to mahouts and their families. On this visit they also brought along six truck-loads of pineapple shoots weighing 12 tons to feed the six elephants still living there.

A worker unloads pineapple shoots from one of the fully-loaded pickup trucks as a hungry elephant waits for his lunch.

Praichit said, “The money to buy the food and fruits was donated by Chinese students who had collectively saved a total of 6000 baht amongst themselves. This amount of pineapple shoots today would be just enough to feed the elephants for only one week.”

An elephant uses its trunk to gently take food from Praichit Jetapai’s hand.

The Super Girls and Super Kids pose in front of the pineapple shoots laden pickup trucks that they had bought with their hard-earned savings.