Pattaya paints quiet streets artfully, at possible safety cost

A black cat crosses the road at the newly painted pedestrian crossing at Phratamnak Soi 5 on the way to Yin Yom Beach.

Pattaya is giving its quieter streets a bit of artistic flourish, at the possible expense of already suspect road safety.

City road workers have been painting Pratamnak Soi 5 and the intersection leading to Yin Yom Beach with bright colors, fancy arrows and street names on the pavement.

While the artwork adds color to a popular tourist area, it also has confused some motorists and led to questions about safety. Thailand already has the third-worst road safety record in the world.

Pattaya Transportation Department worker stressed that the symbols and odd-colored crosswalks would only be painted in low-traffic areas. Besides, they said, the law doesn’t stipulate that crosswalks must be painted in white anyway.

The paint job is about 80 percent complete an is being done in tandem with adding wheelchair-accessible ramps and improvements to provide designated space for street vendors and motorcycles.

A huge area on the road painted in blue is reserved for physically challenged people.

Follow the rainbow colors down to Yin Yom Road.