Pattaya gives special care to bed-ridden elders in the community

Deputy Mayor Kritsana Boonsawat (2nd left) together with his city hall team visits bedridden senior citizens to afford them comfort, while health officers give them a medical checkup.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Kritsana Boonsawat together with assistant secretary to the Pattaya Mayor, council members, officials of Public Health Service Section and staff of the Pattaya City Hospital visited 3 infirmed patients under the ‘Home visit and rehabilitation of bed-ridden patients in Pattaya City’ project on Nov 23.

Kritsana spoke with the patients about their illnesses and encouraged them to be strong and to keep their spirits up. The patients smiled and seemed quite cheerful proudly telling the visitors that they can now undergo physical therapy longer than usual.

Kritsana said the city hall’s priorities are to improve the quality of life of all citizens, stressing the importance of promoting and developing the wellbeing of women, children, youths, senior citizens and disabled people.

Kritsana added that Thailand is becoming an ‘aging society’, so the city authorities will have to adapt its role to care for this new generation of elderly people.

Deputy Mayor Kritsana Boonsawat also presented the families with dried food and the household supplies.