Pad Thai seller feeds Pattaya Music Festival cleanup crew

To show her appreciation and gratitude to the hardworking employees of the Pattaya city sanitation department Walaiphan Sonsermsombat cooked and distributed her famous “Jay Pum Pad Thai” to all of them.

A pad Thai vendor at the Pattaya Music Festival made free noodle dishes for cleanup crews.

Walaiphan Sonsermsombat, 51, said that she did quite well selling her “Jay Pum Pad Thai” and oyster omelets on the beach in North Pattaya over the weekend, so after the concerts ended Aug. 7, she decided to do a good deed by cooking her special noodles for the city’s environment department sanitation workers.

She said she did so because she saw how hard everyone was working to clean up the beach after the shows and she wanted to express her appreciation and gratitude to the hardworking employees.