Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Pattaya hands out food to over 1500 needy people

Deacon Hans Konrad Nyvoll hands out the last cans of mackerel.

For the second time, on Thursday April 16, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church Abroad, Sjomanskirken, in Thappraya Road, Soi 5 donated food to the unemployed and low-income residents in the community.

These numbers almost trebled the amount of people who came by to receive food boxes and water the week before, when the Norwegians prepared 200 food boxes, but more than 400 showed up.

This week, the Church prepared 450 bags of food in which there were two kgs of rice, 10 eggs, a bottle of fish sauce, cooking oil, water and instant noodles.

The line extended from Thappraya Road Soi 5 up to Soi 13.

Word had spread in the community during the week that the church would be giving out food on Thursday, so more than 1500 people swarmed the church compound with the queue going all the way up to Thappraya Road. It was quite a difficult job controlling the mass of people trying to get food from us.

A third hand out was scheduled for Thursday April 23, and we planned to have 3 tons of rice for distribution and also to prepare food for at least 1500 people.

The next time, as is Chonburi Governor’s directive, we will ask for assistance from city hall who will allocate security officials to assist us in maintaining order ensuring that the people will obey the ‘social distancing’ rule and will wash their hands and wear face masks.

We are thankful to Deacon Hans Konrad Nyvoll and Father Annstein Lothe, pastor of the Norwegian Church in Pattaya who initiated this project.

The Church does not have the funds for these donations, but it was made possible because employees of the church donated cash and some friends of the church donated rice and hundreds of cans of mackerel.

At the first hand-out waffles were also given out. Waffles are served at Norwegian Churches around the world and are very popular among Nordic population.

In Thailand it was decided that other food items were more in need such as rice and eggs.

Pastor Annstein Lothe hands out the eggs while Jan Svendsen from the Norwegian golfing group in Pattaya hands out cooking oil.

The Norwegian Church hopes to continue giving out food for as long as is needed to unemployed and low-income residents of Pattaya.

Many Norwegians and friends of the Norwegian Church, Sjomanskirken, in Pattaya have donated both cash and food.

If you would like to donate you can VIPPS to #64812 (Pattaya Sjømannskirke) or to the Thai bank account: Sjomannskirken Norwegian Church in Thailand, Bangkok Bank, Account No. 484-4-60686-5, More information can be found on

All donated funds will be spent on buying food for distribution only. There will be no cost deductions for administrations nor employees.

Trond Myhre, a well-known Norwegian event organiser hands out his favourite drink…water.
Jan Olav Aamlid assists Pastor Annstein Lothe with distributing eggs and Per Morten Westberg from the Norwegian Golfing Group in Pattaya hands out fish sauce.


Noknoi Christophersen and Chantana Opseth hand out instant noodle.
Last Thursday 4500 eggs were handed out. Next Thursday 15,000 eggs will be handed out. At least the hens around Pattaya will be kept busy.


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