Diana Group opens elderly-care center

Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome and Diana Garden Group MD Sopin Thappajug cut the ribbon to launch the Diana Wellness Centre.

The Diana Group of hotels has branched out into senior living with the opening of the Diana Wellness Center & Elderly Care Center.

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Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome presided over the Aug. 1 grand opening at the Diana Garden Resort with group Managing Director Sopin Thappajug, city officials and community leaders.

Radchada Chomjinda (left) and her children from the Child Protection and Development Centre greet guests as they visit their booth to purchase the beautiful handicrafts.

The nursing home was established to be a place where Thai and foreign seniors unable to live independently can live in a safe and clean environment and be cared for by medical professionals.

The center has a staff of doctors and nurses and provide everything from meals to exercise facilities and basic physical therapy.

For more information, see DianaGardenResort.com.

The grand opening also featured the sale of handicrafts from children of the Child Protection and Development Center with proceeds going to the Human Help Network Thailand Foundation’s education fund.

Medical personnel were on hand to give free medical tests to the guests.


Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome said that the Diana Wellness Centre is a valuable addition to Pattaya which will attract elderly people both Thai and foreign to utilise these facilities.
Sopin Thappajug said that as people get older, the need for affordable special care becomes vital.

Praichit Jettapai, the vibrant and effervescent driving force behind the Diana Wellness Centre.
Guests were invited to try sample treatments for their ailments.


The Diana Wellness Centre has a full-time medical team to care for their special guests.
This gentleman is getting treated for his aches and pains.

Rodney Charman with Toy and the CPDC children.
Guests gather for a group photo after the opening ceremony.