Cool morning in Pattaya and across Thailand, heavy rain in the South

The northeastern and eastern regions (including Pattaya) will continue to experience cool to cold weather in the mornings. (File Photo – North Pattaya Beach)

The Meteorological Department has reported that Thailand is experiencing cool weather in the mornings, with the northeastern region experiencing cold temperatures while some areas in the southern region are facing heavy rainfall.

Over the next 24 hours, the high-pressure system and cool air mass covering Thailand are gradually weakening, leading to a slight increase in temperatures in the upper parts of the country.

However, the northeastern and eastern regions will continue to experience cool to cold weather in the mornings. In the northern, central, eastern and upper southern regions, the mornings are cool.

The Department advises the public to take care of their health due to the cold weather, including being cautious of potential fire from dry conditions. People are also warned about the danger of accidents that may occur due to fog.

The northeasterly winds are relatively strong, affecting the Gulf of Thailand and the southern region. This weather pattern results in heavy rainfall in some areas of the lower southern region. In the Gulf of Thailand, waves are reported to be 2-3 meters high, exceeding 3 meters in areas with thunderstorms. The Andaman Sea has waves of about 1 meter, increasing to more than 2 meters in areas with thunderstorms.

Residents in the lower southern region are urged to be cautious of heavy rainfall and accumulated rain, which may cause sudden flooding and flash floods, especially in hilly areas near waterways and low-lying areas.

People living along the eastern coast of the southern region are warned about the danger of waves approaching the shore. Boat operators are advised to navigate with caution and avoid areas with thunderstorms. Small boats in the Gulf of Thailand should stay ashore. (TNA)