Accidents involving tourist drivers and pedestrians rampant on Koh Larn island

Taking a leisurely stroll along Tawaen Beach Road on Koh Larn Island can sometimes be hazardous especially when motorists and bikers drive around carelessly.

Pattaya City Council members met with Koh Larn business owners to brainstorm ideas on how to reduce road accidents on the tourist island.

Councilmen Banjong Banthoonprayuk, Jirawat Plukjai and Wasan Sukkee ventured to Koh Larn on Nov. 1 to check on a number of projects and discuss incidents in which tourists were hit by cars at Tawaen Beach.

They agreed Pattaya needs to do a better job campaigning for safe and careful driving, including slowing down.
Those questioned pointed out most accidents occur on sloping roads and when visitors are unfamiliar with the terrain.

The councilmen also took applications from beach vendors to renew their sales licenses, checked on the progress of a multipurpose building under construction at Pattaya School No. 10 and inspected the Home Beach Resort which has suffered from flooding problems.

Councilmen Banjong Banthoonprayuk and his team took applications from beach vendors to renew their licenses and inspected renovation projects on the resort island.

The Pattaya City team inspected the road in front of Home Beach Resort to work out a plan to prevent flooding.