Above and beyond: Pattaya City Sign delivers breath-taking views of the beach city for free

Most photos of the infamous Pattaya Beach include at least one small part of the massive Pattaya City Sign standing above it in the distance. However, the views from the sign are just as impressive as the views of it.

Travelling to Pattaya from Bangkok has been simplified and expedited by expanding toll gates over the past decade. However, tourists can also reach Pattaya by following the infamous Sukhumvit Road, also known as Highway 3, which runs a total length of 488 kilometres from start to finish. Once outside of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road becomes a primarily coastal highway until its endpoint at Koh Kong, Cambodia.

Of the host of reasons tourists visit Pattaya each year, golfing is the industry where Pattaya shines the most. There are over 20 major golf courses within a 50-kilometre radius of Pattaya City, many of which are easily accessible by public transportation. There are also numerous vacation packages for tourists looking to play golf during the day and enjoy fine wine and dining in the evening, which has contributed to the appeal for Pattaya as a global destination for major golfing tournaments.

For visitors not coming to Pattaya to golf, there are also many beautiful beaches, limitless shopping, seafood options, and Ko Lan – an accessible island destination to experience quickly and affordably from Bangkok. Located just 7 kilometres from the mainland, the crystal-clear beaches, scenic viewpoints, and numerous homestays on Ko Lan offer short-term visitors to the Kingdom a chance to enjoy one of Thailand’s islands without having to jump on a plane.

It is a commonplace for colourful signs displaying names of cities or landmarks to be placed around Thailand’s destination points. However, the Pattaya City sign is among the largest in the Kingdom. The sign, which can be seen in most photos of Pattaya Beach, is located on Pratumnak Hill in between South Pattaya and Jomtien.

A view from above: The Pattaya City sign.

Regardless of the time of day, the bright orange Pattaya City sign stands out in the distance from just about any part of Pattaya Beach, which is why there are few panoramic or aerial photos of the area without it as the backdrop. Although the view from afar might not make it clear, the Pattaya City sign is more than just eye appeal – it is actually a unique destination that can be experienced up close.

Positioned directly below the Pattaya City sign is a large platform upon which people can watch the sunsets often seen in movies depicting the vibrant beach city. The view from the stoop also gives visitors a unique look at the bright local and nightlife happening in the eccentric town down below.

The viewpoint offers unforgettable views of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya Beach, Ko Lan, and Ban Hai Pier – home to various boats used for living, dining, and sailing. Visitors to the sign also get an unfettered glimpse at the City’s public skatepark, regularly busy with residents doing group exercise, riding skateboards, eating, and socializing.

Reaching the scenic viewpoint below the Pattaya City sign is as easy as spotting it in the distance. Tourists can get to the viewpoint by taking a free shuttle bus from the Ban Hai Pier or hiring a 50 Baht motorcycle taxi from the top of the walking street. Those are just the published options, though. It is well-known in the area that as long as you can point to the Pattaya City sign, you can get a fast and affordable ride up to the viewpoint, either by a hired car or motorcycle.

A view from above: The Pattaya City sign.

The Pattaya City sign is free to visit and is open 24 hours per day. The early morning and later evenings are the most comfortable times to visit because it is not as warm during those hours as it is during the middle of the day. However, regardless of the time of the visit, tourists should expect large crowds on the platform and residents exercising and socialising in the park.

For more information about the Pattaya City sign and the surrounding park, tourists can refer to the Pattaya City government website here: www.pattaya.go.th (info available in Thai language only).

A view from above: The Pattaya City sign.
A view from above: The Pattaya City sign.