A day of fun and friendship for Camillian kids at the beach


On the 16th of February 2020, Larissa Viravaidya Stillman invited the children of the Camillian Social Center Rayong for a day out at her house on the beach near Rayong. And what a day it was for the children and everyone involved.

The weather was perfect for the half-day event organized by Larissa Viravaidya Stillman, Antoine de Lyrot and Jérgen Franziscus (International Sponsor Coordinator CSC Rayong), and the Suan Khun Ta team.

When we arrived at the event, we were first welcomed with a hug, and from there the kids went straight into a game organized by two members of the Suan Khun Ta team who had traveled here from their boarding school in Srisaket province for this special occasion.

When you play, you get hungry and there was a sumptuous buffet with a wide range of healthy choices and ”yes” fresh Coconut ice cream for dessert. Everyone could choose what activities they wanted to join, whatever they liked to do – which made this event so great for the children.

Between playing on the beach, swimming, paddling sea kayak, face-and body-painting, building sand castles, and the games and activities, the afternoon flew by much too fast. When the time came to leave, we all gathered on the lawn for a group photo. Everyone watched as one of the teenagers, speaking on behalf of all the kids, said thank you to Larissa Viravaidya Stillman and Antoine de Lyrot for this great Day of Fun and Friendship on the beach.

Thank you so much for hosting this event!