4-day weekend brings crowds to Pattaya-Jomtien Beaches

Before the rains came, families filled Jomtien Beach.

Blessed with a bonus government holiday, Pattaya buzzed with life on the first day of the four-day weekend, with Thai tourists filling Jomtien Beach.

Buddhist Lent on Oct. 21 and the extra day on Friday created a welcome break for Bangkokians and visitors from other provinces, both Thais and expats.

While Pattaya Beach was full of parked cars, the beach chairs weren’t as full. That was not the case in Jomtien, except on Saturday when it rained all day.

Beach chair vendor Prasit Sukkul, 54, said he expected it to be busier and said those who did come haggled over the rental price, even though it was just 50 baht. Prasit said he made almost 1,600 baht each day.
Up the road at Bali Hai Pier, 1,300-1,600 people boarded ferries for Koh Larn each day.

Beach chair vendors did roaring business over the holiday weekend.

This gentleman is fully engrossed in his John Lescroart crime novel as local girls and friends comfortably sit on mats along the walkway behind him.