1TCA brings gifts of love for children at Baan Jing Jai Pattaya

Pianghta Chumnoi gathers her children around to celebrate the gift of so many supplies.

You may never have heard of 1TCA but a growing number of charities in and around Pattaya have now experienced the generosity of this group of people. Baan Jing Jai is the latest recipient, but where did this adventure start? Two ladies based in UK, Goodie and Raj, formed 1TCA (One Thought Changes All) determined to help those in need who were struggling to cope at the beginning and throughout the Covid pandemic and, with a great deal of effort, managed to raise sufficient funds to be able to feed hundreds of people.

It is a pleasure to welcome Goodie to Thailand for she and her friends have made substantial donations to local charities, School for the Blind, The Pattaya Orphanage and Anti-Trafficking & Child Abuse Center (ATCC) were the beneficiaries of previous donations.

This most recent visit took her to Baan Jing Jai. Piangta and her 85 orphaned children were happy to meet Goodie, her husband and son to thank her for all the supplies that were donated. Thousands of charities worldwide need all the help they can get during these trying times for donations are considerably reduced from individuals and companies alike that are also experiencing difficulties but the Covid situation presented 1TCA with another opportunity to raise funds.

They have launched the first British made re-usable, sustainable face mask, made from recycled waste products which have been impregnated with a chemical to help stop cross contamination from all surfaces to the face. As you can see from the photographs, blue masks were given to all those attending and sufficient numbers for those that could not attend. The masks are for sale and all the profits are used for additional donations but many have now been donated to various charities, mainly to the poorer countries of the world. The masks can be washed and the impregnation will remain active for at least 30 washes.

Thank you 1TCA and we look forward to your next visit in June.

Goodie and her family were so happy with the welcome they received.