You have alcohol?


Dear Hillary,

Every time I go out to the pub I end up stopped in a police road check. Makes no difference that I tell them I am on my way to the pub, not coming home from the pub. I have to get out of my car, give them my license and get the “You have alcohol.” The honest answer would be “Yes” as I keep a couple of bottles in the fridge. Should I try to get them to see the difference between “have” and “have been drinking alcohol?” It has got to the stage that I don’t want to go anywhere in my car. Is this just something for Xmas or will it carry on for ever?


Dear Bruce,

This is Thailand – there is no such thing as “forever” or even “for ever”.There is also no such thing as Xmas, unless you have a retail shop and Xmas began in November. I cannot agree with drinking and driving, I’m afraid, so if this latest campaign will keep the drunks off the road, then I agree with it. However, how the campaign is handled could be another story altogether. My advice, my Petal, is to take taxi cabs which cost only a few hundred baht anywhere round Pattaya and that is much cheaper than 20,000 if found DUI.