Work is the curse of the drinking classes


Dear Hillary,

My husband’s job involves him in many social engagements. Unfortunately, at one of these functions I had a little too much to drink (it’s all free at these events) and my husband had to take me home in a hurry. Anyway now my husband says it is better that I don’t go to these parties, so I get left at home with a bottle of wine for company. Should I insist on going with him next event, or let him go on his own? I could ring his boss, but not sure if that is the done thing around here?


Dear Wallflower,

You admit that you did drink too much at the party, and that is a no-no for company wives. I wouldn’t ring his boss, as it is most likely that it is he who is telling your husband that you are banned. Company wives have a difficult role, but you’ve fallen at the first hurdle I fear. Wait a while and don’t keep a bottle of wine at home. I think you might have a problem, my Petal.