Willy the Wonder Wand again


Dear Hillary,

I am planning to travel to Pattaya where I have been many times already and I would like you to give me some advice: is Viagra available in Pattaya, with or without prescription and how much does it cost? I can get it in France where I live, but I find it embarrassing to get a prescription from the family doctor.


Dear Frenchy,

Of course it is available in Pattaya! This is not Outer Mongolia and the local streets are crawling with randy males, like yourself. The question you should ask yourself is why you would be embarrassed asking your own doctor? As in France, this is a prescription only drug and as such, is expensive, and you need to be free of heart problems before you take it. Check your heart before Willy the Wonder Wand! Finally, be aware there are “knock off” copies of Viagra on the black market here. Screw up your courage and talk to your doctor first.