Who’s ‘keenieow’ now?


Dear Hillary,
My Thai GF says she is leaving me after two months of living with me. She says I am ‘keenieow’ and won’t let her do anything she wants, so she’s going. No more discussions, just going. I done everything for her, let her live with me in a great condo, maid three times a week, have her family over a couple of times, let her buy clothes using my account, I let her have B. 5,000 every second week too. I reckon I’ve spoiled her too much. Do you think that’s the problem?


Dear Tim,
Sorry Petal, but you have been restrictive to her in the relationship. You have not spoiled her at all, in my opinion. You really have been ‘keenieow’ (translates as “stingy”). You “let her” live in your condo, you “let her” buy clothes, you “let her” have an allowance … in other words, you controlled everything. Thai girls do not like being restricted or controlled. You are not ready for a permanent relationship with anyone Tim. Stick to short term liaisons till you grow up a bit. That’s the boy.