What is the chance of being ripped off?


Dear Hillary,

If one was to ask the question; ‘Are all women the same, will my wife rip me off when our relationship ends?’  Ask Greg Norman ($103m), Paul McCartney ($48.7m), Prince Charles ($45.2m), etc. etc.  That covers 99 percent. I can only say thank god for the 1 percent and hope that your correspondents have found, or do find, a lady from amongst that small group. Bless you Hillary for trying to protect the uninitiated or naïve from the rapacious amongst the gentler sex.  Do please qualify the advice though by saying, that a Thai Bar Girl is really no different from many other ladies, bar girls or not.

David, Western Australia

Dear David from Western Australia,

Oh dearie, dearie me, my Petal.  I detect just a touch of bitterness here.  Are you still hurting?  However, divorce payments are really a vexed question.  It can be said that the man earned the money, so why give some of it away?  It can also be said that the woman did not get the opportunity to make the money, so deserves some of it.  I have to side with the ladies, sorry David.