What have I started?


(Last week I printed a poem from Robert. He has continued on from there!)

A man who fails to look in the mirror,

Surely thinks that it is something queer,

Cannot believe there is anything more clear,

Than his skin, head, mind, body and beer.

And although some things have passed us by,

We can both, learn the reasons why,

and content ourselves with greater knowing,

To act our age and make our going,

Out to find friends and conversation

Part of pride of self and worth of our station.

Dignity may make a lonely blanket at times,

But it leaves us with lessons that shine.

For those dullards not happy with this advice,

Go ahead, pay the price, it will cost you thrice!

Hills darling, Make it a dry Gordon’s martini frozen into a glass.

I do not drink of beer alas!



Dear Robert,

You have your priorities mixed up, petal. You buy the lady a drink, not the other way round. Sorry you will be waiting a long time for that Gordon’s Dry!