Western rip offs


Dear Hillary,

You get many letters from guys complaining about being ripped off by Thai girls. Do you get any letters from Thai girls being ripped off by their western boyfriends? No? Just as I thought, it is all one sided here, with no comeback for the guys, just cop it on the chin. Correct?



Dear Greg,

I once met a lady who said, “My mind is made up, don’t try and confuse me with the facts.” You sound very much like that lady, my Petal. It is not “No”. I have received letters from Thai girls over the years who claim to have been ripped off by their boyfriend(s). But what you have to remember is that the Thai girls from the bar may be able to speak English, but have big problems trying to write in English. So that is one very obvious reason why I don’t get too many emails from the ladies of the night. I do not suggest that your friends “cop it on the chin” but do recommend that everyone takes care. The commercial end of Pattaya is no different from similar areas throughout the world. The Latin Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) should not be forgotten.

Dear Hillary,

You always make it sound so easy to meet up with an honest Thai woman, rather than going to the bars for a companion. It’s not that easy, Hillary. My friends have had the same problems as me. The girls from the bars want to get into my wallet, but so does your “good” girls. The only difference is it takes longer to get to know the goodies, but they have the sticky fingers just the same. What I want to know, is this a genetic thing with Thai women?


Dear Jack,

You men are all the same, complaining about your wives, girlfriends taking your hard earned money. That’s in the West as well as the East. What do you expect? You consider your female partner to be your personal property and start crying when the woman asks for money to put up with you. I think it is a genetic thing with western men.