Warning! Warning! Warning! OAP beware!


Dear Hillary,

I want you to print this letter as a warning for all the old age pensioners who come here for a couple of weeks every year. I see the suckers walking down the street with their 17 year old girlfriends, who couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the old fellow, as long as the money keeps coming. I want you to tell them just how silly they look. They should stay at home and save the money for a cruise or something.



Dear Jerry,

What a miserable old sod you are. If these “suckers” as you call them, are happy with their 17 year old companion, just what is wrong with that? Your suggestion of sitting in a deck chair looking at the pool on an ocean liner is not half the fun as sitting on a deck chair on Pattaya Beach, having a foot massage and a beer. You wowsers make me annoyed at times!