Wanted: Mia Noi in good condition, low miles


Hi Hillary,

It takes you to put things in perspective for people that sometimes can be so oblivious to the most obvious things/situations.  Yes, you’re darn right if you have to ask how much things cost you are probably cannot afford it.  Mia Noi is a lucrative occupation for job seekers.  There is no such thing as a fixed price for Mia Noi, just pay up. Love your column, you are always witty.

Your fan from the USA

Dear Fan from the USA,

Love your responses to my column, you are always so kind.  Yes, being a Mia Noi is certainly a lucrative occupation, but it’s not all beer and skittles, my Petal.  There are certain hazards to the job, such as an angry Mia Luang (number 1 wife), the need to be discreet, the fact that you have to be ready for the errant husband (the employer) who can call in at any time, so you have to be immaculately groomed 24 hours a day, and finally, there is no job security – you can be replaced at any time.