Waiting for Windows 12


Dear Hillary,

I have taken two days to get this email to you. Have you had to change your computer recently? All the shortcuts and neat ways of getting around are all changed, but have directions that you can’t follow unless you are a computer geek. I’m not and I’m about ready to throw this thing out the window. Do you know of any teachers who can show me how to check emails, find my friends on face book and write short documents?


Dear Steve,

You are obviously not Steve Jobs, mainly because he is dead, as well as being computer literate while he was alive. Look, Petal, there are many schools that teach computer, and a trip to Tuk Com in South Pattaya will give you lots of choices, but ask around with your computer savvy friends first. When you find a good one, let me know as I did have to change my computer recently and Windows 10 I think refers to the number of tries you have to do something to find what you are looking for. And then there is that communication devise called “books”. Could be worth your while to invest in one.