The Viking photo trip


Dear Hillary,

Why do Thai women prefer to wear black underwear, when white looks so much better against their tanned skin? I can’t understand it. It has reached the point where I have been forced to purchase white underwear to give whatever bar girl I pick up to wear. That’s not fair really. I mean, why black underwear? Also, I am not some kind of deviant. I am a very serious photographer. Sure I am Skandi and I am old, but I am not some trench coat wearing deviant.


Dear Norseman AKA trench coat wearing deviant,

Next you will be telling me that the Vikings didn’t rape and pillage, they were actually on a photo trip. But why should I doubt the man who has made Thai ladies underwear his fetish. I can feel sorry for you as it is difficult to find trench coats here, and those pink plastic throw away rain coats don’t fit the bill, do they?