Valentine’s Day is coming up next month


Dear Hillary,

Valentine’s Day is coming up next month and I would like to show my interest in getting to know a Thai girl a bit better, more than just shop talk.  She works in a department store and is always very pleasant when I talk to her, but I’ve been going slow as I don’t want her to think that I am like all the other ‘kiss and run’ foreigners.  Do Thais celebrate Valentine’s Day?  If so, it would be an ideal opportunity, but at the same time, I don’t want to embarrass her (or myself), if that would be the wrong thing to do.

Valentine Victor

Dear Valentine Victor,

I am so pleased, Petal.  There are still some romantic men out there.  It is just a shame I don’t meet any!  Of course Thai women celebrate Valentine’s Day, Petal.  You must know by now that Thai people celebrate everything!  However, you still have to tread slowly.  Your problem is that your lady may not even know of your dreams, she may just be being polite.  Have you thought of that.  In this Land of Smiles, there are many different smiles to mean all kinds of different things.  But back to your problem and Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day cards are traditionally unsigned, so you run the risk of her thinking it came from your arch rival Police Constable Pisinurai.  But be brave, a faint heart ne’er won a fair lady (or even a dusky one).  Put your mobile phone number in the card and see if you really ring her bell.  Lots of luck!