Up the garden path?


Dear Hillary,

I have a gorgeous Thai GF who just lights up my life when I come over to Thailand.  I come three times a year and that’s all I think about when I’m back Stateside.  We email all the time and so we have good contact while I’m away.  What worries me is I don’t know if I’m the only one for her, like she’s the only one for me.  When my wife got an assignment out of town, I changed my flight, bringing it forward a week, and this produced a strange response, with her saying that she would be up-country visiting her family that week, so she couldn’t meet me like usual at the airport.  I came anyway, but the other girls at her work (OK, she’s from a bar) said she had another boyfriend.  When she did show after a week, it was just like I’d never been away, or that she was a week late.  I never had doubts before, but now I do.  If I’m being strung along here I’d like to know.  I send her quite a few dollars every month, which is so she doesn’t have to turn tricks while I’m gone.  She assures me she just works as the cashier and doesn’t go off.  But I’m really starting to have doubts.  How do I find out if she’s stringing me along here?


Dear Elwyn,

You have not given me near enough information, but you did reveal that you are married, and not to your Thai sweetheart, who works in a bar.  What makes you think you have a license to be unfaithful, but she can’t?  She has a far greater entitlement to having a string of boyfriends than you have.  In fact, you have a damned cheek to even suppose she has to remain unattached because you send a few dollars each month.  And I notice you didn’t say just how many dollars you send.  You can hire a Private Investigator if you like, but could you trust one of those either?  Face reality, Petal.  You have a part-time GF who lives in Thailand and who works in a bar.  What do you think she is doing there?