Unusable body parts!


Dear Hillary,

I read with astonishment the letter written to your Dear Hillary column by my friend, Tully. Although truly a very dear friend, Tully hasn’t a clue. It is not my purple bank notes that the girls seek me out for, it’s a particular body part of mine. Known as the “best” in Pattaya it has become a legend in certain circles and although I can’t use it very often it has made me very popular in town.


Dear “Jerry”,

You and Tully sound quite a pair. Jealousy, intrigue, purple persuader finances, bar girls and unusable popular body parts. All the ingredients for another Stephen Leather exciting yarn. I shall let him know about you both. You can expect a telephone call. However, while waiting for the call, it would be interesting for you both to reverse your roles. Let Tully flash the purples, while you see whether the popularity of the best part continues. Do let Hillary know. It’s not often you can become part of a sociological experiment!