Under siege


Dear Hillary,

I am stuck in my unit, unable to go out even for simple groceries, like Singha Lite for example. I don’t think I’m on Interpol’s most wanted list, my photograph isn’t on every police station’s wall (along with Ma Baker and the sister of a fugitive in Dubai). Yet every day when I have been brave enough to drive onto my soi, there’s a police check point being set up to catch felons like me who forgot to put a certain sticker on the windscreen. 400-500 baht fine in the nice officer’s hand depending upon whether the officer’s wife needs new shoes, or perhaps planning a Xmas shindig for their kids and something for the Mia Noi’s two as well.

How long will this go on, Hillary?


Dear Grant,

You are not the first to complain about the frequency of road blocks, Petal. If the felony is a lack of windscreen sticker (polabor), then a verbal warning should suffice. But a financial sweetener needs to go with it. Central government can make noises about stopping corruption, but you and I know that with low wages, there will always be holes in the system to get some money to bleed out of your pocket and into theirs. Just make sure you’ve got the window sticker and your alcohol level is under 0.05 and you can be on your way. The alternative is to ride a bicycle like me.