Trusting a Thai GF


Dear Hillary,

They say you should never trust one of these Thai women.  That’s for sure and certain, Hillary, so don’t argue with me on this.  I’ve been married to one for around 10 years and this week I finally caught her playing up with some Thai guy.  I’ve had my suspicions and began watching her and her “girl’s nights out”.  She would come back after a trip to Bangkok and then say she had to collect some books from a friend and come back three hours later.  Then she would say she was somewhere and she wasn’t there, but always had an excuse as to why not.  Eventually I found her car outside a set of apartments and out she came, ringing me to say she was in the supermarket!  That makes it the third time she’s cheated on me, so she’s out the door.  Does anyone not agree?  One thing’s for sure, I’ll never trust another one.



Dear Joe,

I am very sorry to read of your domestic problems, my Petal, but these things do happen, and in all countries too.  When they took out the “honor and obey” in the marriage ceremony, many males blame the current situation on that, but that’s not true.  Look at the history books and you’ll see lots of illegitimate children round the place, and they didn’t drop out of the sky either!  Polygamy is legal in many countries, but also not accepted in other countries.  So what can you do?  In your case you’ve done it, and I am sure many readers would agree with what you have done.  Just be careful next time.  OK?