Trouble in the “hou”


Dear Hillary,

Regarding your recent contact with Horace and how Thais speak English.  You attempted to compare foreigners to Thais with your comment “educated Farangs think they can speak Thai, use incorrect tones and continue to make farcical mistakes”.  However, if it is explained to us then we make the correct adjustments.  You can tell a Thai 1 million times that the correct pronunciation is “house” and not “hou” and the very next time the Thai will still say “hou”. Your comparison isn’t valid.  The whole thing is simply ridiculous.



Dear JCB,

Of course it is ridiculous.  My column is neither a language school trainer nor a psychiatrist’s couch.  It is a fun look at all our lives and the tiny problems we give ourselves.  Lighten up, JCB and crawl back into your “hou” and have a beer.