Too lazy


Dear Hillary,

My GF has been great for the past year and I’m really thinking of marrying her. She gave up working when she moved in with me, and I pay all the bills and give her an allowance as well. She has hinted at getting married, with talks about what if we have a baby I would like the baby to have my name and the like. Only problem has come up in the last three months where she goes to a friend’s house and comes back drunk. This is now happening two to three times a week and when she gets back to the condo she just collapses on the bed and tells me to make my own dinner as she is “too lazy to cook” as she puts it. A couple of times she has rung me to say she won’t be back till later as some more of her friends have arrived and they are going to cook Isaan food there. This may be standard Thai girl behavior, but I don’t like it, nor know what to do. Any suggestions, Hillary?


Dear Mike,

Yes I have a suggestion for you, my Petal. Leave, change the locks and write the whole thing down to experience. She is already showing you what is most important and that’s drinking with her friends, not looking after you as would be expected of a “wife” (and mother, if you’re not careful). You hit it all on the head when you said “GF has been great” and then go on to say there’s been a problem for the last three months. Consider yourself lucky that she showed her true hand early in the piece. Pay her some money and she will leave quietly. Do it this month. Don’t wait.