Here today but gone tomorrow


Dear Hillary,

You are always saying that we should be looking for a mate anywhere away from the bars, but what if we’re not looking for a mate for the rest of our lives? I’m here for a couple of years at max, and I don’t need a wife dragging round behind me all over the world, as I don’t know where my next assignment might be. All I need is home comforts while I’m here in Thailand, so surely the bar is the best place to find one? You have to agree.


Dear Jerry,

So you are looking for a ‘comfort woman’, that’s fine, but, you have to understand that your lady who will supply those home comforts also realizes that this is a short term relationship with no real depth. That being the case, do not expect anything better than purchased comforts, and there is no reason to be ‘true’ in such an arrangement. These girls are very skilful at separating men from their money.