Timeless wonders


Dear Hillary,

I have a real problem, which I hope you can help me with.  Even if you can’t, then just by publishing this letter it may help, because the people who are producing this problem do not seem to know it exists but I know they read your column!  Let me explain, dear Hillary.  Everyone I know around me seems to have no idea of what time is about.  Meetings that are supposed to last for two hours drag on for three because the people in the meeting can’t get there on time.  You make an appointment to go to lunch or dinner and the other person shows up an hour late.  You go to an appointment and get there on time to find the person you are meeting hasn’t come back to the office yet because they were late for the earlier meeting they were going to.  If I did precious little all day it would be fine, but I have plenty of things to do and sitting twiddling my thumbs isn’t one of them.  What do you suggest Hillary?

Tempus Fugit

Dear Tempus Fugit,

Y ou have my sympathies.  Watches are cheap and plentiful in this country, but the ability to actually tell the time seems to have been lost by many of the locals.  I used to have a friend who was woefully late everywhere.  After putting up with his terminal tardiness I invited him to dinner at a restaurant at 7.30.  When he had not shown up by 7.45 I ordered my meal and by the time he arrived, full of apologies as usual at 8.30, I had finished my meal.  I left him the “Check Bin” and went home immediately.  He has never been late since.  What I suggest is that when appointments are made you stress the fact that you will be on time and will wait 15 minutes only – and do it!  But lots of luck, Petal!