Three days without breakfast


Dear Hillary,

My Thai girlfriend is studying part-time at one of the colleges round here.  I am very pleased to see her improving her knowledge with this education, as she never finished school.  I believe many girls do this as they are forced to work to support the family.  She would go one day a week, but now she tells me she has to go on a camp and get 75 hours of credit.  This will mean she is away for three days.  Is this so, Hillary?  I wonder if it is just an excuse to get away for the three days?  And on a more practical note, what about breakfast?


Dear Jon,

You are quite correct when you say that many Thai girls, especially those coming from the poorer regions, are expected to assist in the rice harvest, being considered more important than studying books.  Congratulations on helping one of these girls get an education.  Even though it sounds strange, these camps are commonplace, and are designed to get the class to work together in a neutral environment.  You will find that many businesses do the same with their staff, where one section goes away for a couple of days or more, to be a team-building exercise.  I don’t think it is an excuse, my Petal.  Just accept it and find an early morning café for breakfast!  It’s only for three days, I’m sure you won’t starve to death in that time.