Threat to kill


Dear Hillary,

One of my best friends here in Pattaya has fallen for a real hussy from a beer bar who is now milking him for everything.  Unfortunately he is also married and his wife has just got to hear about it.  She is Thai and they have been together for six years.  She is now saying she is going to kill him and then kill her.  How serious do you think the threat really is?  Should he just race back to America and forget all about Thailand?  Or should he stay here and try to work out something with these two women?  They know of each other but they’ve never met.  I’d like to help him, but he did get himself into this mess.


Dear Harry,

You are correct when you say he got himself into this mess, and it would be very tempting to just leave him alone and see what happens.  I don’t think his wife would follow through with her threats, but it has happened before, so he should be very careful.  And so should you.  He can get out of this situation, but like everything in Thailand, there is a financial aspect to it.  Help him buy off number two while he regains the affection of number one.  But go carefully, Harry.  Go carefully.

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