Thoughts from the ‘other side’


Dear Hillary,

Forgive poor English, but I write any way because we tired to hear foreigner complain all time about Thai girl.  Him want good fun, him want keep house, him want go butterfly any time him want but want Thai girl stay home not go bar see friends.  Him stingy all the time and complain.  Him get everything, go butterfly and Thai girl get nothing.  Not fair.

Thai Girl

Dear Thai Girl,

Thank you for showing there is another side to any relationship.  The men who fit that description should read your letter again, to see what the girls from the bar really think of you.  When you are off “butterflying”, don’t think your partner doesn’t know.  And remember the British phrase, “What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.”  In these relationships, where there is no trust, it is only a financial ledger that keeps the situation going.  Not donating enough money to the relationship earns you the title of ‘stingy’, because that is what it is all about – finances.  Many of you men should heed this girl’s words, and take a long hard look at how you relate to live-in girlfriends.