This is the continuation from “Uncle’s” request from last week


Hello Hillary,

(This is the continuation from “Uncle’s” request from last week, wondering what he should do about his attraction to his Thai niece.)

Just as I thought, a fairly easy solution has been found.  After discussing the situation with my wife, although she hasn’t mentioned her feeling on the matter, I think she is in agreement that the niece needs another place to live.  Didn’t mention whether or not she was in agreement with my proposal, but I suspect not, and doubt she ever mentioned it to the niece.  Upon seeing the niece yesterday she removed some of her things and said she would see us today, I hope to remove the rest of her belongings.

So now I don’t have to deal with my feelings for her, as out of sight out of mind, and what she does with her life is totally up to her.  I don’t have to be witness to it.

Feel free to post, if you think it may help others who may one day find themselves in a similar situation.


Dear Uncle,

You just escaped there, didn’t you, my scheming little Petal.  And it was lucky for you, because if you look I have corrected your ‘neice’ into the proper ‘niece’.  Do try and remember from now on, Uncle.  And also remember that the girls who work in the bars choose that lifestyle.  None of them are indentured apprentices, even though some will claim they just got off the bus from Nakhon Nowhere.