Think, Monty, think!


Dear Hillary,

Every day I go for a walk at the shopping center and most days I see a very pretty young woman drinking coffee in the coffee shop. Sometimes she is talking to a man, but other times she is just sitting on the coffee. I get a smile from her and I say “Hello” while I pass by. Do you think she is a ‘professional’ girl (you know what I mean)? And what should I do next? I really like her and would like to get to know her a bit more.


Dear Monty,

Sounds to me like you’re not the full Monty, Monty. Do I think she is a professional girl? Think, Monty, think! Why is a good looking girl sitting in a coffee shop every day, sipping on a cold coffee? She is there to find a man, or men, that’s why. She certainly isn’t making her money as a legal secretary, is she? So how else could she be making money? The coffee shop is paying her to sit there? I don’t think so. Monty, how old are you? Fifteen? Come on, boy, the object of your desires will eat you up and spit you out bone dry. What should you do next? Go to a different shopping center, that’s what!